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Some days it doesn't take much to feel inspired by something you’ve seen or heard…

snippets of Carl Hester riding as a result of the Olympia excitement in the UK, always reminds me about

having length in my front line and passive tone inside the body when riding and boy does it help frame my older horse and increase the lightness…

nice to have these reminders when working so much at home without constant monitoring from a teacher…lengthening legs through the heel, giving the horse more space, lengthening my spine and opening the chest, lifting the chin! - and wow the horse is on springs beneath me instead of having to push me along… nice nice nice.

Didn’t do any ‘clever’ stuff today, just good active trot, all the lateral work walk trot and canter, lots of transitions trot-halt-trot-halt until they were pucker and not pudding… yep, nice… it never ends… good.


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