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about  Perry 

Perry is an internationally recognised horseman, with many years experience in training horses and people.

He is the author of seven published equestrian books and appears regularly in national equestrian publications.


Perry believes that softness, lightness and understanding are the keys to building successful relationships with horses. He also believes that by using those keys, connection, suppleness and collection are attainable by anyone.


His approach is one of empathy and understanding towards the horse, so the horse becomes a willing partner and brings its own joy and enthusiasm to the performance. All of Perry's work with horses is about exploring deeper communication; learning to understand and influence another being for the mutual enjoyment of both horse and rider. Perry's background is in classical riding and natural horsemanship, both of which he has been involved with since the 1980's.

His riding clinics attract riders and their horses of all levels of experience and ability: novices, owners of young horses working on ground skills and handling, pleasure riders and professional competition riders.

What students say about Perry´s teaching.


Perry teaching approach is very positive, Non judgemental, easy to follow & fun. Makes you think and talk about what you are doing so increases your awareness. Using small subtle changes which are very simple and so easy to follow and always gets amazing results.. And by magic.... you and your horse become as one                                

Loretta Mcdonald


Shows riders a completely different side in them that will change their relationship to horses for ever. Mark Rashid for dressage riders                                                                                                                            

Melanie Hill 


"Perry can take you to your expectations and beyond "

Kate Sarah Webber


Feeling confident and able which is more than I can say for my typing skills.At least I learn to press the right button in Perry's lessons! "                            

Kirsty Hearne


"Calm, understanding, treats everyone as an individual and can tell what is best for each rider/horse combination. Patient and explains things in plain easy to understand English so you can feel confident enough to carry on the work back at home on your own."

Collette Creegan 


"Perry Teaches/Trains each Horse/Rider as an individual, But treats everyone as an equal "


...from ground work to ridden, from how to do basics like how to find balance, how to get canter leads to great lateral work.

Easy to understand instructions from an easy to talk to instructor lessons from Perry are Fun & Easy with great results"

Amanda Taylor Shelley Newton-Carter


"Perry is unique, respectful and totally comitted in his way to make you and your horse enjoy true riding! To find the small things that matters and make a huge differense!"

Maria Johansson, Sweden


"Easy to understand instructions from an easy to talk to instructor" who "finds the small things that matter" - couldn´t have said it better myself"

Nina Skäre, Sweden

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