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"There are some great books on dressage out there, with fab pictures, but you need to have a memory like an elephant to remember all the things you have to do to cause the horse to carry out a particular ,movement.In this book Perry Wood cuts to the chase and makes it easy to chunk everything down. He tells the reader how to do it and what to look for. In his own personable style he takes the 'poshness' of dressage away and makes it easy for us Happy Hackers to get out there and have a go!Brilliant - I love it."


"I have bought endless books about dressage over the years and I am sorry to admit none of them made any sense to me. Perry Wood's book has so many light bulb moments that there are too many to mention. Of course you have to subscribe to his methods but having had lessons with one of the top dressage riders in the country who also trains this way.My horse now is a completely different ride and I can only speak as I find, his methods are excellent. Cear and concise this book is relevation."

Dressage the light way
How to create the Perfect Riding Horse

Would you like to create your own perfect riding horse? What would that be like? In this beautifully photographed and inspirational book, Perry gives you all the techniques and principles you need to create your own perfect riding horse in step-by-step explanations. The book covers everything from choosing the right horse, mastering groundwork, schooling for lightness and responsiveness, through to lateral work, self-carriage and introducing jumping.


This is simply the best book of all time about how to train and ride your horse. No need for force and pressure - this is all about lightness and creating a partnership.

Real Riding

"Anyone wishing to improve his or her riding should read this book." (Wendy Stevenson,


"the book is packed with thought-provoking insights and ideas that can make a real difference to developing a better relationship with your horse." (Barbara Young, Horse & Hound)".


"The coming thing in the horse owning/riding market, full of freshness, honesty and hard-won experience.the same kind of hunger and innocence as when I first heard the sex pistols back in 1976!." (Rupert Paul EMAP active)


"Wonderful, loved the section about using the breath." (Bula Brazil , British Dressage magazine)

Secrets of the People Whisperer

Secrets of the People Whisperer - Perry's book about human communication, looks at everything from awareness of our own physical, mental and spiritual communication through to how we interact with the Universe and other people at soul level - and has inspired countless people to transform their lives using its Twelve Secrets.

"As a counsellor, helping others to 'find' themselves and develop another way of 'being', depends on me offering them the tools to do so , in an easily understandable way. Perry has produced a wonderful 'tool' His 'secrets' are practical and real. The book is written with a sense of truth, humour and realism that only comes with understanding and experience. While I am sure his 'secrets' will resonate more after a greater length of 'digestion' time, I will happily recommend this book to other therapists. 

Threshold picture guides are a much recognised series of small books, each covering a specific subject in simple, illustrated steps.

Threshold picture guides

Riding the problem horseDeals with such riding issues as rearing, bucking, bolting, pulling etc

Bomb-proofing tips Explains how to make your horse a more worldly and safe to ride

Easy Handling  Gives useful advice on how to deal with difficulties handling horses on the ground, e.g. trailer-loading, biting, kicking, clipping etc

Practical Horse-whispering  Shows you how to create a better bond with your horse.

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Real Riding in Swedish

Manejo Facil Del Caballo