Whether you are an individual looking for more personal peace and fulfilment or a business looking to improve the way you do things, learning some of the secrets of People Whispering will help you to find the answers you’re looking for.

Three of the key elements to explore and that can a massive make difference to you are communication, awareness and personal power.



2. Awareness means being conscious of what is going on inside and out.


It is normal for people to go through their day thinking, feeling and doing ‘stuff’ without noticing much of it at all. Imagine how brilliant life could be if you knew what you were thinking, feeling and doing all the time; and as a result of that you

make better and better choices…Imagine too how brilliant it’d be if you were really

aware of what others were expressing, feeling, saying and doing… WOW!




Leadership, team-building, coaching - these are all phrases familiar to most people in business, whether you are a lone trader, self-employed, small business or a multi-national organisation these are essential areas in which to excel to succeed. People whisperer workshops offer you the chance to get under the skin of your inner and outer communications and really raise your levels of personal power and awareness... As a result of sharpening those skills your leadership will come more naturally to you… One or two days of insightful and sometimes challenging coaching in a small group will provide you with a new set of tools with which to excel and create more of the success you wish for...




Perry and his associates offer various options for one-to-one and small group coaching. This can be personal/life-coaching or people whispering-based coaching to improve functionality in your business life. Please use the contact form on the website for initial enquiries...  


3. Personal power means being the creator of your own life;


whilst going with the flow of unforeseeable events you take up the reins and assume responsibility for steering the direction of your life. Each and every person is born with innate abilities and immense personal power; once you realise that fact about yourself and hone the skills to make things happen you will create an extraordinary existence and, in addition, become an inspiring model of extraordinariness for those around you.





Personal workshops and retreats are a peaceful and supportive environment offering you the chance to explore whatever you want to explore about YOU. How great - a whole two-plus days that are all about YOU - your talents, qualities, skills, your heart, mind, beliefs, challenges and difficulties and your connections with the people and situations in your daily life... What a treat to be on such a retreat! During the workshop you be part of a small, empathic group of fellow participants and take a gentle journey into finding out what makes you tick, how you communicate with yourself, other people and the world around you… how nice!

People Whisperer workshop 2018


Enköping Sweden June 2018: contact maria@gaddeholmfriryttare.se


1. Great communication is key to success and happiness in all areas of life…


The way we communicate with ourselves through our thoughts, inner voice, imagination, emotions and desires is where it all begins because that’s how we form our view of the world, it is how we support useful or destructive beliefs about ourselves and life and it is the springboard for how we communicate with the people and things around us… WOW!


The way we communicate with other people through our choice of words, the way we speak, emotional energy and body language is how we create or destroy connection with those around us; and great communication with other people results in successful and happy work and personal relationships… WOW!


The way we communicate with the world around us not only impacts upon us and our fellow humans but also upon the well-being of the whole integrated unit we call The Earth. That’s not some flakey metaphysical statement but a simple reality, since how we act towards our environment both near and far has significant implications for us as individuals, as a species and as a living planet… WOW!

People Whispering