Hosting a clinic

Please contact us via the contact page of this website for further information if you would like to know more about hosting or arranging a clinic with Perry in your area

Perry’s Clinics Perry delivers clinics for all levels of horses and riders.


On a clinic with your horse you have the chance to work with Perry on whatever you feel you need. Equally Perry will suggest to you the course of training for yourself and your horse that will help you to attain the results you are looking for.


On a practical level Perry can help you with everything from early beginnings, handling issues and calming young horses etc on the ground through to the art of lunging and in-hand work, the basic riding training of the horse and onwards towards more advanced movements such as Piaffe, Passage, Spanish Walk and the Flying Changes.


Perry is also very experienced at helping people to teach their horse to be a perfect partner for trail riding or other uses besides working in the riding arena. One of the key elements of Perry’s work is empowering and focusing on the rider’s role in creating amazing results, with a special look at the rider’s seat and freedom in the saddle, the lightness and effectiveness of the aids and how to ride with an ever-increasing sense of timing and feel. The positive ethos of Perry’s clinics makes them a uniquely enjoyable environment in which to learn with your horse.


Spectators are always welcome and encouraged to be a part of the positive experience too…The clinics are important for their inclusive atmosphere, the supportive network which grows around the clinics and the shared joys and learnings to be had by everyone being ‘in it together.’


Everyone on the clinic delights in seeing someone else having breakthroughs or making progress which may be far beyond what they once dreamt of...On Perry’s clinics the riders and spectators are encouraged to drop judgment of others and of themselves, thus creating an empathic learning space.


The clinics are also an opportunity to be inspired by seeing some of the fabulous riding, learning and horse/rider alchemy that happens before your very eyes, especially since, with the passing of time, the standard of riding and training on regular clinics keeps getting better and better.


If you want to host a clinic contact Perry



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