Joy and performance


Perry´s work with horses and their people is dedicated to developing empathy and understanding. Working with the horse's nature and using the principles of classical riding. Perry want to help both horse and rider gain the very best from their relationship.


"When the horse becomes a willing partner he brings his own joy and enthusiasm to the performance"




Welcome to the riding and horsemanship area of Perry’s website. On here you can read about some of the ideas and approaches he brings to his clinics, teaching and workshops; you can also enjoy videos, talks, regular blogs, pictures, book extracts and links to Perry’s books and read testimonials from many of his students and find out where and when you can come to one of Perry’s clinics.



    “…Perry is a trainer with a deep understanding of the nature and needs of horses. A rare horseman, who focusses on the ‘friendly’ and essentially cooperative aspect of the horse’s nature and how to connect with this, rather than the more usual unfortunate obsession with dominance and hierarchy…By helping riders to work more subtly with their horses, and giving excellent and intelligible advice on the technical aspects of riding too, not only do we see a lot of lovely riding (on Perry’s clinics), it is thoroughly beneficial for both horse and rider too, on many levels…” F.G. (Equine behaviour consultant)


Perry enjoys teaching horses and riders at all levels. He has experience working with many types of horses from Thoroughbreds to Icelandics, Lusitanos to Warmbloods and everything inbetween. Whether you are a rider passionate about the art of riding, a competitive rider or a ‘happy hacker’ who wants their horse to be a safe responsive partner, Perry will be able to help you to fulfil your goals and dreams.



Perry believes that:


  • Every horse and rider combination is a unique partnership.


  • The classical principles of training and riding are invaluable for the responsiveness,                                                                   physical suppleness and strength of the horse.


  • It is important to make learning simple, fun, gentle and intelligible for both horse and rider.


  • The nature of horses needs to be considered at all stages along the way.





Notes from clinics


  • Open your heart. Feel the love for your horse - he is fantastic.

  • What is your dream on this horse: to be able to ride her in all gaits at a speed you like, easy and balanced, with a good rhythm?

  • If something is not working, change it a little bit! Sometimes a change of a thought is all you need.

  • You don't necessarily need a big change or to find another guru. Change 1 % every day and see what you have after 100 days.

  • Everything the horse gives you is an amazing gift, and if you appreciate the good bits the horse will give you more.

  • It is from the rider's body to the horse's body, and on to the horse's mind. but it begins in the mind of the rider.

  • A young horse needs lots of leadership, direction and help building his confidence, so he believes he can.

  • We are working with the horse's energy and influencing him with our energy. what things in your life make you feel energetic and focused?

  • Don't make assumptions. Look at the facts. What is the horse actually doing? That is a key to handling and riding with intelligence.

Riding & Horsemanship